Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City, Quebec

Known as “la belle province” (the beautiful province), Quebec is Canada’s largest province and home to more than 8.2 million people. Quebec is a vibrant multicultural province, often earning its recognition as the “Europe of North America”. Quebec is also famous for its vast forests, rolling hills and countless waterways. In fact, Quebec has approximately 1 million lakes and waterways, giving it more fresh water than any other province.

Quebec is the only province whose official language is French. The capital city is Quebec City, with a population of about 800,000. Quebec is also home to Canada’s second largest city, and the second largest French speaking city in the world, Montreal (more than four million people).

Smoking weed in Quebec

It is only legal to buy cannabis through the Société Québécoise du Cannabis. This can mean a visit to the SQDC’s three retail locations in Montréal, or it can mean cannabis sold by mail-order through the SQDC website. No other organization or person is allowed to sell cannabis in Québec

Cannabis regulations in Quebec are stricter than other provinces. Though other provinces allow their citizens to grow cannabis at home, Québec does not. Consumption in public places is the same as anywhere it is legal to smoke tobacco. However, there are not many places in which cannabis or tobacco smoking is legal. Cannabis smokers are limited to the sidewalk or in parks (provided they are not near playgrounds or schools).

After a year of being able to purchase cannabis legally from age 18, Quebecers will now have to wait until they turn 21. The provincial government has passed a bill changing the legal age to use marijuana, which will take effect as of Jan. 1, 2020. It will become the highest legal age for cannabis use in the country. Moreover, Quebec has banned the sale and consumption of cannabis edibles which was made legal across the country in October.

Only the following types of cannabis are sold in Quebec:

  • dried cannabis;
  • cannabis oil;
  • fresh cannabis.

Why buy weed online?

With the lack of choices of marijuana products in the province, and its strict regulations, you can always get your hands on your favorite green goodies online from Buy Weed. We offer one of the broadest selections of cannabis products. You can choose from sativas, indicas, concentrates, or cannabis edibles. Since there are such limited places to smoke in public, you can get your green delivered to your door and enjoy it in the privacy of your own home.

Discover Quebec

After you’ve received your fresh delivered goods, explore the exciting province of Quebec:

Mount Royal Park

Mont Royal is Montréal’s mountain at its heart. The 233-meter peak allows for a fine vantage over the largest city in Québec, especially from the Kondiaronk Belvedere. Bring your vape pen and check out the many events in the park, from winter ice-skating and cross-country skiing to the beat of many drums at Les Tam-Tams, which happens on summer Sundays near the Sir George-Étienne Cartier monument. From the platform on the summit, enjoy a panoramic view over the Île de Montréal and the St. Lawrence River.

Chutes Montmorency

Just northeast of Québec City, the wide sweeping waterfall of Chutes Montmorency cascades down an 84-meter escarpment. The falls are higher than Niagara Falls, and a narrow pedestrian suspension bridge crosses the Montmorency River to île d’Orléans, enabling you to watch the water rush over the edge right beneath your feet. Take a cable car, which travels to the top of the falls and provides great views of the surrounding landscape. 

Old Montréal (Vieux-Montreal)

Best explored on foot, Old Montréal is a concentration of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century buildings at the edge of the city’s Old Port. Many of the top Montréal tourist attractions are within this historic section of the city, including the neo-Gothic Notre-Dame Basilica and the pedestrian-friendly square at Place Jacques-Cartier.

Canadian Museum of History

Located in Gatineau, this museum explores human history in Canada, ranging from First Nations cultures in the Pacific Northwest to Norse seafarers. In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum hosts traveling exhibits from partner museums. There is also a seven-story IMAX theater at the museum showing a variety of films that look at Canadian history and life in the north.

Montreal Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanique)

The lush and lovely Botanical Gardens cover 75 hectares adjacent to the Olympic stadium in Montréal’s Parc Maisonneuve. The facility is home to both outdoor and greenhouse gardens, many of which are centered around a particular culture. Among the 20 outdoor gardens are the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and First Nations Garden, each of which celebrates the traditions of their respective culture.

The 10 exhibition greenhouses contain a total of around 3,000 specimens, including collections of orchids, bonsai and penjing, cacti, cycads, and many others.

Also within the same park, the Insectarium introduces rare and common insects, and there is an excellent planetarium, which immerses you in the world of astronomy.

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