Astro Pink AAAA

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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Ratings: (AAAA-)
Texture: Semi-Fluffy & Perfect Cure/Semi-Sticky- Hints of Purple
Flavour:   Diesel / pine/ spicy/ sweet/ woody/earthy
Medical Usage: Pain / Depression / Fatigue / Headache / Nausea / PTSD
THC: 29+% CBD: >1%

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The out-of-this-world experience of Astro Pink is due to the use of selected Pink Kush strains. Those strains with an overwhelmingly dominant indica/sativa ratio produce intense physical experiences. As an indica-dominant hybrid, Pink Kush is typically composed of 10% sativa and 90% indica.

Astro Pink is designed specifically for cannabis users looking for the euphoric ‘highs’ associated with THC.  THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. In general, cannabis has an average THC content of between one and five percent, for Indica this can rise to between five and fifteen percent.  However, THC levels in Pink Kush may be as high as twenty percent, equal to concentrated hashish oil.

Appearance and Scent

One of the features of Astro Pink often remarked upon by cannabis aficionados is its distinctive appearance, routinely described as ‘gorgeous’.  The name Pink Kush originates with the vivid hot pink pink pistils which come out of the flowers. These can be covered by lighter trichomes, meaning that Pink Kush has a pleasing appearance, appearing to be dusted with a glowing frosting and is often said to ‘sparkle’ or ‘glisten’.

The pink pistils are the result of growers attempting to preserve particular phenotypes from the older purple strains of Kush.  In fact, due to what is known to growers as ‘incomplete dominance,’ Pink Kush plants may often lose their pink appearance. Indeed, once harvested these pink pistils are less noticeable. No matter, a less striking appearance does not diminish the effect of the plant.

Users are no less enthusiastic about Astro Pink’’s smell.  ‘Phenomenal’ is an often used adjective. The scent is typically described as floral, with lemon and pine notes, often with undertones of berries.

Aroma and Taste

While the scent is generally sweet, once heated the aroma is more often the earthy flavor of skunk.   The distinctive weed aroma and taste derives from the particular combination of certain elements known as terpenes.  Pink Kush usually contains a mixture of myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene and terpineol. When inhaled this blend of sweet floral flavors mingles with the earthy undertones to create a distinctive taste.  Users of Astro Pink often detect hints of vanilla.

The THC concentrations in Astro Pink result in impressive body highs.  Users report feeling a strong sense of relaxation, positivity and even waves of euphoria.  Mental stimulation is also associated with THC and users may experience heightened clarity and creativity.

It should be noted, Astro Pink is potent.  Inexperienced need users be aware that the effects of a powerful hit of Pink Kush can last up to three hours.  All users should anticipate extreme attacks of the munchies and stock their fridges accordingly!

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